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A step-by-step guide to apply for over 100 small business grants


Jovanna Wright 
CEO of Wright Way 2 Go Tax Services 

     I am JoVanna Wright, Co-Author of Credit Repair and Funding Mastery. Once, I heard a wise man say “Don’t wait for desperate times to push yourself in full throttle”.


  In 2010, I found myself in the position of thousands of other Americans, laid off from a 10 year career as a Medical Assistant. At that time I had four children all under the age of 14. As a single mother I always made sure I stayed on top of my finances, but after being laid off I dived head first into financial literacy the Wright way. 


  In 2011, I opened my first installment of financial business, Wright Way 2 Go Tax Service. I worked as a Tax Preparer in South Bend, Indiana. I made sure that my community knew the importance of financial literacy, in a few short years I was able to open four branches in three different cities. 


  Naturally in my line of business my clients need more financial knowledge, I would come across so many singles and families in horrible financial situations. I was devastated by the stories I was hearing on a regular basis and decided to level up and add more services to provide a solution to their struggles, and mine….CREDIT! 


  After being in business for some time, I was hit with another MAJOR CHALLENGE! I  found out that my identity had been stolen. This was one of the toughest seasons of my life! Everything I had was up in the air, I went from great credit to almost none at all in the matter of months. 


  From my clients to my life I went hard learning everything I could about credit. Everyday I was checking my credit reports to see what charges could be disputed and what portions of my debt I could have paid off. 

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