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Tax Preparation Assistance

Get on a Zoom call with Wright Way to assist with tax preparation after receiving tax documents supplied by you.

25 mins session

 $318 USD                                                        

Business Consultation

Business starters | Business Maintaining| Business/ Brand Strategy Consultation. 


30-minute session: $30 USD

60-minute session: $60 USD

Business Starter

We assist you with processing your:

  • Federal Business   

   Identification Number

  • LLC

  • Articles of Organization

30 minutes session for Q&A after the above documents are issued.

$201 USD

Credit Repair

We will Analyze your credit score and credit report to strategize ways to increase your credit score effectively and efficiently in 6 months


1-hour session Contract for 6 months

3 Types of of payment Available 

  •       100 USD monthly for 6 months,

  •         $300 USD Installments every 3 months,

  •          or $600 USD full payment

Business Coaching

n. We offer assistance for business owners to operate their business more efficiently and purposefully.  We will help you to apply your ideas with business structure and strategies to improve results.

-1-hour session per week about Marketing, Budgeting, Systems, and more.

-Choose the day of the week for the session.

-Rescheduling upon discretion.

$250 USD Per Month 

Credit  Restoration

Strategize ways to increase your credit score after credit repair(when necessary).

1-hour session

Contract of 3 months

Full Payment Only

$500 USD

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