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Better Value. Half the Price

Save money while receiving more effective bookkeeping services 

Do What's Best For You

Different business complexities require different needs.

Wrightly Premium

Full-serviced bookkeeping 

Starting at


Personalized Assistance

Instructional and guided process

Review of books YTD (Year To Date)

Simple onboarding process

Easy income and expense management

Learn Bookkeeping Yourself. 

Introducing our new QuickbooksOnline package deals


Cost-Effective Solution for Beginners


Set-Up Features:

Initial installation and configuration of QuickBooks Online

Account creation and customization based on client needs

Chart of accounts setup and categorization of income and expenses

Basic training on using QuickBooks Online for everyday tasks

3 Months of Support:

Monthly account reconciliation to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Generation of basic financial reports like income statements and balance sheets

Email and phone support for basic questions and troubleshooting.

Limited access to an accountant for clarification on specific issues.


Perfect Solution for DIY Bookkeeping


Set-Up Features:

Includes all features of the Basic Package

Additional customization based on client's specific industry or needs

Integration with other relevant software or financial institutions

In-depth training on using more advanced features of QuickBooks Online

6 Months of Support:

All features of the Basic Package support

Quarterly financial analysis with insights and recommendations.

Budgeting and forecasting assistance to plan for future financial needs.

Priority email and phone support for faster response times.

The Wright Package

Affordable Alternative to Full-Time Services


Set-Up Features:

Includes all features of the Basic and Standard Packages.

Advanced customization and automation of processes within QuickBooks Online.

Data migration from existing accounting systems to QuickBooks Online.

Comprehensive training on all QuickBooks Online features and functionalities.

1 Year of Support:

All features of the Basic and Standard Package support.

Monthly financial analysis with detailed reports and trend analysis.

Advanced features training and customization to tailor QuickBooks Online to the client's unique needs.

Unlimited access to an accountant for any questions or concerns.

Quick Note

From Jovanna, CEO of WrightWay2Go

We offer the Quickbooks setup package to offer customers a blend of expert support and self-learning opportunities. With our guidance, you'll gain valuable knowledge and practical skills to understand your financial statements and handle basic bookkeeping tasks effectively. I wanted to create a package that was empowering but also affordable in the sense that there were options for people with varying financial backgrounds.  Additionally managing your finances with confidence and control can drastically reduce your dependence on costly external services.

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