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Meet Jovanna

CEO of WrightWay2Go

2010 was a challenging year, I got laid off from a 10-year run as a medical assistant. Like most I was shaken up by life’s current events; but, being a mother of 4 made me act fast. I consulted my mother who has her BA in Organizational Management and decided that I would enroll at a local college. While exploring the diverse class structures of general studies my passions for numbers and helping others were rebirthed. My passions led me to read countless entrepreneurial books and resulted in me enrolling in a tax preparation program through Liberty Tax. By October 2011 I was a certified tax professional credited by the IRS. I began to structure the foundation of what I saw Wright Way 2 Go to be, a reputable, dedicated, and professional tax servicer with the capacity to manage and resolve ALL tax issues.


As I continued to grow with Wright Way 2 Go, my passions expanded. I lived through the experiences of what is called “a fine line between business and personal”, as an outcome I decided to branch off and start helping fellow entrepreneurs in business advising and consulting. I started in a small office building and within a few years one office turned into three different locations in two different cities.  The communities of all locations knew that Wright Way 2 Go provided affordable quality tax prep, credit restoration, and business consulting. With years of hard labor in the fields, my company has exceeded expectations when it comes to making the process of filing less bothersome and stressful. I have tailored a team of tax experts and consultants who are dedicated to nothing more than providing quality service.


We have modified our services to be suitable for all the needs of a business, organization, and individual. The Wright Way 2 Go goal strives to empower clients to be free financially , be liberated with peace of mind and if you choose to partner with as , rest assured knowing all your bases will be covered! Nine years later, one office, and thousands of tax returns later Wright Way 2 Go has grown exponentially! Still hungry for development and growth I’ve attended multiple webinars, conferences, and seminars. Two of my favorite have been the Success Resources America by the National Achievers Congress, and Judy Dropping Knowledge Tour by Darealbbjudy

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